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9 Best Telegram Bots for Groups You Should Try

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Telegram takes the lead over WhatsApp’s dominance in several areas. One of them is the ability to create bots and use them with larger groups. Whether it’s about running new polls, creating reminders, getting new images, or more, you can perform those actions inside the group chat without leaving it. These Telegram bots operate based on software like mini apps. Telegram bots help to make the groups more interactive and interesting. Read More...

How to Make the Windows 7 Taskbar Icons Show Text Too Like XP

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There is no doubt that the sleek and compact design of Windows 7 taskbar makes it easy to use. The way open applications are stacked as icons is just one way that adds space to the taskbar icons and I really love that. Now, most applications are easy to identify by looking at their icons, but we may face difficulty with the new ones that we install. That’s when we feel the need of icons being accompanied with names, like Windows XP style. Read More...

How to Use Instagram Guides

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Instagram is slowly moving away from a personal social media experience to a platform for brands, marketers, and influencers. To cater to the growing audience type and demands, Instagram keeps adding new features to the platform. One such feature is Instagram guides. Here’s what Instagram guides mean and how you can use them. Instagram guides can be useful to set your profile apart from other accounts on the platform. In this post, you will learn how exactly Instagram guides can help you build a brand and how to use them effectively. Read More...


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